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The Right KPIs

· One min read
Kam Lasater
Builder of things

Graph of new visitors to site

Chasing the wrong KPI is like chasing a mirage of water in the desert.

Check out our trailing twelve month site analytics above.

Our marketing and user acquisition was awesome in Feb, right? More of that?

Well if our KPI was visits or visitors, sure. But is that the right KPI?

If you add the context of user signups you see a totally different picture.

Graph of visitors to site along with signups

We got 58x more user signups and were 705x better at converting.

This was due to multiple improvements. The biggest was the intent of visitors. We found a much smaller group of people with a much higher desire for what we offer.

Optimizing for things that don't matter is the easiest way to fool yourself that you are doing something productive.