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Users Are the Best Feature

· 3 min read
Kam Lasater
Builder of things

Crowd at a concert

As an engineer I like to talk about the features of a product. I talk about the product’s implementation and how it was built. I get excited about the internal workings. I have spent days of my life working on features that were never used. I operated under a mental framework that users came from outside and were external to the product. I was concerned with building the product. The users would be there when I was done. So I spent most of my time heads down writing code.

How to go from 0 to 1 - Growing users for a new product or service

· 2 min read
Kam Lasater
Builder of things

Runner in starting blocks

As a repeat founder I get the question from entrepreneurs and others: "how do you get your first users?"

For me, this is actually the easiest stage. I think of acquiring and growing a group of users differently based on the scale of the existing user base. There is a great book that talks about going 0 to 1 (\_to\_One). What I mean here is how to go from 0 users to 1 user.