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Managing Service Account JSON Files or Files with Secrets in Nodejs

· 4 min read
Kam Lasater
Builder of things

Locked vault

In our journey as Node.js developers, we often deal with various external services such as Google Cloud or Firebase. These services require us to provide credentials that authenticate our application and grant it the necessary permissions to interact with the respective service. This post is about to handle large secrets or files that contain private keys. Google provides files like this. You will see them named a few different things: serviceAccount.json or sometimes serviceAccountCredentials.json. This file contains secret data and is used to authenticate against Google Cloud and/or Firebase.

The Unbuilt Software Trap

· 6 min read
Kam Lasater
Builder of things

Blank polaroid photograph

Everyone fails at software they don't build

There are three types of software systems that any company runs. First, high value software systems that drive customer value. Second, the systems necessary to deliver the product or service, but not sufficient as stand alone products on their own. Third, systems that support the business but are not related to the competitive advantage of the company. The fourth type of software system is one that doesn’t exist. Every company has software they chose not to build. This is "Unbuilt Software". To understand how much value organizations are missing out on, we must first better understand each type of software system and how software investment decisions are made.

How to Debug

· 3 min read
Kam Lasater
Builder of things


We all hit bugs that feel impossible to diagnose. The hardest ones to debug are intermittent or inconsistent. How do I fix what works sometimes? If a line of code always breaks then the fix is direct. The system is linear. The action leads to a failure.

How do I debug a bug that is intermittent? How do I debug something that works sometimes?

Here are some reminders to myself next time I encounter a baffling debugging session.